Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I have been using Chef Cuffs for a few months now, and they are definitely my number one go-to item when inserting or removing hot items from my oven or broiler.  They not only protect my arms from getting burned they can also be used as hot pads.  When slicing my roasts or turkeys I keep them on my arms to keep my arms from getting burned from the hot juices and they also keep my sleeves from getting dirty.   I have a variety of colorful patterns and they launder real nice.  I find Chef Cuffs to be so useful in my kitchen I plan on giving them to friends and family as gifts during this Holiday season.

 V. Heilman


As owner/Chef of Applewood Catering, I am happy to recommend Chef Cuffs.  They not only work great as potholders but insulate your arms when reaching across hot grills and burners.  You never have to look for another potholder because they are conveniently on your arms while preparing and cooking in the kitchen.They are also great for BBQ’ing.

B. Cox

Monday, October 7, 2013

Chef Cuffs is almost up and running!

Check back soon! @Carolyn Brown is working hard to get the store live and online